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About Image 10 Photographic

IMAGE 10 Photographic began in 1988 with a passion for landscape photography and a desire for experiencing and capturing God’s handiwork.

My first experiences with photography began nearly 40 years ago in high school in journalism class as a yearbook photographer and also for the local newspaper in my home town, Holland, Michigan. It was at this time I began my extensive knowledge of manual cameras, black and white film and hand printing in the darkroom. It was there I learned the “art of photography” and how to properly expose and develop film and print to photographic paper exactly what I had seen.

In the 90’s – completely self-taught – I worked at refining my photographic techniques using my trusty Nikon SLR and transparency film before finally moving over to the “digital world”. Now, I enjoy all the creative doors digital photography has opened and all it’s post-processing challenges – similar to that of my early years in the darkroom but now using computers and software.

Photography is more than just technical for me. I believe photography is a continuous journey of capturing special moments in places of light, color and beauty in God’s country.

Photography has always been a way for me to slow down my life, a way to stop and reflect on what is important. A time to refuel, refresh and recharge – I am grateful for it in my life.

Time is a precious commodity for all of us with busy lives, so whenever you can immerse yourself in God’s country, engage with your surroundings and enjoy the “recharge” that photography can provide – I highly recommend it.

Psalms 19 says… Creation itself testifies about it’s Creator. “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” It is impossible to live and breathe in this world without recognizing God. Just observing nature in itself is proof to that.

Like many photographers, I draw a lot of inspiration from the work of the master – Ansel Adams. One quote of Adams’ has always held true for me: “Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution."

My photography is a collaboration of in-camera and digital techniques focusing on details, patterns, lines, form, shape and colors that complete a subject and utilize those key features to make a supercharged and engaging image.

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